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VIDEO: The family centred caesarean

With C-section rates at an all time high and with many women either requiring or requesting a C-section there is a desire by the patient to make the experience as intimate and less clinical as possible, in so far as surgery can be less clinical. A type of C-section commonly referred to as a family centred, natural or woman-centred caesarean has garnered popularity in recent months. Key aspects of a…


Welcome to C-section Mums!

Welcome to C-section mums!  This site is, you guessed it, all about C-sections.  It is designed to be informative, non judgemental and supportive.  A growing number of women are facing C-sections to birth their babies.  Some by choice, some not by choice. Every journey is unique.  Some will feel elated and some traumatised.  No one can judge another person’s journey. C-section mums will aim to provide information in a non…