C-section FAQ: When can I drive after my C-section?

One of the biggest inconveniences after a C-section is the fact that driving is not recommended initially.

You have just had major abdominal surgery and will be tender around the scar area.  Your body needs time to heal before being fit enough to drive a car.

The big question of course is When can I drive after my C-section?

driving after c-section

Many say no driving for six weeks.

In my personal case my obstetrician told me to wait until I felt ready and when I did feel ready he said to keep it to short, local journeys. I eventually felt ready after three weeks and took his advice to keep it local.  I slowly built it up.

Of course if it takes six weeks to feel comfortable then wait six weeks.  If it takes ten weeks then wait ten. There are no hard and fast rules for C-section recovery.  Everyone recovers differently and only you and your medical practitioner will be able to assess when it is safe to start driving again.

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  1. 6 weeks is really a general guideline. Of course many women drive well before that. The parameters for the guideline are to be sure your incisions, both internal and external, are well healed before you start flexing your abdominal muscles, and driving uses your abdominal muscles.

    The other thing is to not be driving while taking any narcotic medication. That can be very dangerous.

    I always recommend waiting the 6 weeks, but if you are determined to drive sooner then be smart about it. Don’t drive while taking medication and if it hurts to drive, hold off until your six weeks are up.

    1. I think being smart about it is a really great piece of advice. People heal at different rates and so taking medical advice for your own individual case is key to make sure you are fit again to drive.

      Good point on the medication – although I hope anyone on any medication thinks about whether they should drive or not (even without having had a C-section!!! :))

      Thankfully for me after 3 weeks I was feeling well and off medication.

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