Is there such a thing as a normal delivery?

October 1, 2019

What is a ‘normal’ delivery or ‘normal’ birth? Does such a thing exist? If there is a ‘normal’ birth does that mean there is ‘abnormal’ birth? The term ‘normal birth’ or ‘normal delivery’ is commonly used to refer to a vaginal birth. I have been completely guilty of using it myself. Obviously it’s the way our bodies were built to birth however, the problem with using the phrase ‘normal birth’…


C-section Tips: Dealing with shoulder pain post C-section

January 28, 2017

You have just had your abdomen cut open and yet here you are, a few hours or days post C-section, and you have an awful pain in your shoulder.  Of course, your shoulder is the last place you expect to feel any pain so you could be left scratching your head about what could possibly be the cause, especially when the incision is on the other side of you body,…


C-section stories: Kellie’s two C-section births

January 17, 2017

Today we are chatting with Kellie, Mum of two and blogger at Mom Cool Beauty. Thanks for sharing your C-section journey.  To start perhaps you would include how many children you have and how many were born by C-section: I have 2 children , both boys and both by c section. Can you tell me how long ago it is since your C-section occurred? It has been just over two…


C-section stories: Ann-Marie’s C-section under general anesthetic

October 5, 2016

I found out I might have to have a caesarean section at one of my monthly scans. I was a private patient and so saw my consultant on a regular basis. This was a big relief for me as a first-time mother. I would spend each month before my scan worrying so monthly scans made a real difference to my stress levels! However, on this particular occasion I had not…


C-section FAQ: How long will my C-section take?

September 19, 2016

Every type of surgery takes a differing amount of time.  From very quick routine surgery to long, complex operations that span hours.  Thankfully C-sections are generally routine and straight forward so the short answer to “how long will my C-section take?” is: not very long at all though it depends on what you include. For me my first happened very fast as it wasn’t planned.  I was told I would…


C-section news: Call for more counselling for women who show birth preference for C-section

July 26, 2016

A study of 6,500 pregnant women, the results of which have been published by Taylor & Francis in the Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology, has highlighted the need for the right support, advice and accurate communication of risks and benefits for women who request a C-section for non medical reasons. The results of the study, carried out by Dr Elsa-Lena Ryding from the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden and colleagues, show women…


12 (normal) ways you may feel after a C-section….but hopefully not all at the same time!

May 18, 2016

Having a baby is an emotional time.  It is a major life event.  The mix of hormones and sleep deprivation makes it hard enough without adding the recovery from major surgery into the mix.  It is like riding an emotional rollercoaster.    Sometimes it can feel as though your emotions are out of control but rest assured it is very normal to experience a huge range of feelings post any birth…


Things C-section mums DO want to hear

April 7, 2016

As a C-section mum there are plenty of post-birth comments that I have received.  Most are well-meaning though often a little thoughtless.  I recently shared an article on the C-section mums Facebook page that outlined 4 things that C-section mums don’t want to hear, written by Laura Lifshitz on I had a very similar post in my draft folder which was based on an old post I published on…


C-section FAQ: What do I wear during a C-section?

January 17, 2016

Childbirth is certainly not the time to be worrying about your appearance but you may wonder “what will I wear during a C-section?”  Starting from the top down here is what I wore: Shower cap Ok, it’s probably more a surgical cap but it looks like a shower cap.  It was green.  Very attractive (not!).  See photo below! Surgical gown Yes, those lovely backless numbers.  If you are walking to…


Yes, I’ve had three C-sections but yes, I am a mother and yes, I gave birth.

October 19, 2015

For many women who end up having a C-section there is a huge sense of disappointment for the preferred birth that they had planned.  What they had dreamed about for months leading up to the day gets snatched away.  I know because I am one of them. I’ve had three C-sections to deliver my three gorgeous children.  None of my C-sections were my preference but I agreed to them to…