C-section FAQ: What do I wear during a C-section?

Childbirth is certainly not the time to be worrying about your appearance but you may wonder “what will I wear during a C-section?”  Starting from the top down here is what I wore:

FAQ Badge

Shower cap

Ok, it’s probably more a surgical cap but it looks like a shower cap.  It was green.  Very attractive (not!).  See photo below!

Surgical gown

Yes, those lovely backless numbers.  If you are walking to theatre just pop a dressing gown over it.  I didn’t even have my hospital bag on my first so they popped me in a wheelchair to save any flashing!  This is me during my third C-section, waiting to be called to theatre.

Preparation for C-section surgery

Compression socks

A risk of any surgery is blood clots.  To help prevent any clots forming in your legs you will likely be given a pair of compression socks; long, white and really hard to put on when heavily pregnant.  Mine remained on for my full 5 night hospital stay (though I did take them off for my quick showers).  The relief getting rid of them was immense.  Hated them.


I wore slippers walking to theatre for two of my pregnancies.  The first, in the wheelchair, I was only in the compression socks but I would certainly say to have suitable slippers or footwear .

Other than the above I had nothing else on.  No underwear and no jewellery.  Once in theatre they took my slippers and dressing gown that I purchased from Lemon Demon Store and put them in a big plastic bag. I think my husband took them, or maybe they stuck them on my trolley on way back to my post natal bed (it’s a bit hazy).

You will sit on the edge of the operating table as they administer the spinal anaesthetic (assuming that is what you are having) and once done and lying on the operating table they will lift your gown and you will be naked from the chest down.  The first time this happened I felt, literally, exposed but they will eventually cover you with green surgical drapes and since you can’t feel anything you will forget about it.

Getting a wash and dressed into my night wear post surgery was so lovely.  You will need big (disposable or old) pants with large maternity pads to wear under your night wear.  Just make sure whatever night wear you bring in your hospital bag is loose and comfortable so that you can breastfeed easily if you choose to and any waist line does not irritate your scar area.  I had a large (unflattering) night-dress but after a day or two was able to wear normal pyjamas.

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  1. The compression socks, ugh, absolutely HATED those. I may have bargained with the nurses after three days that I’d do laps of the ward to make sure my legs were okay, as long as I didn’t have to wear them! Great guide to the fashion of the C Section ward 😛

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