C-section News: Would you want to watch your own C-section?

Patients at Crestwood Medical Centre in Huntsville, Alabama have been given the opportunity to watch their own C-sections.

Traditionally an opaque drap is hung in front of the mother’s face (from around the chest area) blocking out what is happening on the other side.

For many, particularly the squeamish, this is a welcome barrier to what otherwise may be an uncomfortable or upsetting sight.  For others this is a barrier to seeing the birth of their baby.

As well as blocking out unpleasant visions, the drape is there is assist in maintaining a sterile environment and reduce any risk of infection.

However, in what appears to be a simple solution for those who do actually want to watch the birth of their C-section baby, patients at Crestwood have been given the chance to opt for a transparent drape and therefore can see what is going on which would obviously include the first moment that their baby emerges into the world.

Crestwood C-sectionsImage: Screenshot from youtube.com [See full video below]

The drape was introduced as part of the family centred environment being introduced at Crestwood.

Given the angle the mother would be at they are not going to be staring at their insides but can feel more involved in the process of their baby being born.

Would you opt to watch your own C-section if it was an option? 

I have to say I think I would, although would totally understand those that wouldn’t.



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  1. oh I’d love that. I’m not squirmish at all and I imagining seeing all that tugging beforehand would help my brain understand what’s going on down there. I wish I could’ve seen my girls sooner than I did. Instead all I could do is wait and listen to their cries as the paediatrician checked them over.

    1. It is great isn’t it. That’s it, I think psychologically you would at least feel as though you are part of it and it is happening to you!

  2. I would have LOVED this! I’m not squeamish and I was partially observing looking at the large mirrored surround on the lights above the table but this would have been amazing. I kept asking my husband to look but he point blank refused!

    1. Me too! Such a simple solution to offer. My husband was the same. No way he wanted to watch!

  3. I had no drape for my emergency section! I saw a LOT and my partner is very proud to tell everyone he saw some of my actual organs being shoved out of the way. Madness

  4. I think it takes a special person to want to see their own C-Section. I personally think that’s awesome if you can. I myself am not one of those people, LOL! I wish I were actually 🙂 It would be amazing.

    1. Yes I think it would be amazing but unfortunately I was never offered either having the drape dropped or the clear drape.

  5. I had no drapes and was able to see everything during my 3rd c section, highly recommend it

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